In accordance with the spiritual nature of the place, the dress needs to be modest, sober, neat and clean. Exhibitionism in dress such as shorts, sleeveless shirts/tops, tight fitting clothing is strictly prohibited. The following dress code is prescribed and must be strictly adhered to:

a) Ladies: Salwar-Kameez with Duppatta or Saree

b) Men: White shirt & white pants

  • Similar to other doctors, the Trainee shall wear the white coat (Apron) during the duty hours.
  • The consumption or possession of tobacco / tobacco products, smoking, alcoholic drinks and non-vegetarian food / food stuffs (including eggs) is strictly prohibited in the campus.
  • Gambling inside the premises is strictly forbidden.
  • Interactions between men and women are to be limited to the requirement of work.
  • Excessive socialising is to be avoided