The department was established to provide basic Ophthalmology services which are available to patients in the precincts of Puttaparthi. Those patients who require specialized treatment are referred to the Ophthalmology dept of SSSIHMS Prasanthigram (Super-Specialty hospital).

Infrastructure available

  • Auto-refractometer to detect refractive errors
  • Slit-lamp / Bio-microscope for anterior segment examination
  • 78D lens for posterior segment examination
  • Indirect Ophthalmoscope for retinal peripheral examination
  • Direct Ophthalmoscope for disc evaluation and posterior pole examination
  • Schioz Tonometer for recording Intra Ocular Pressure

Scope of Work:

  • Management of Trauma – removal of corneal foreign bodies, treating of corneal abrasions, sub-conjunctival haemorrhages
  • Treating bacterial and fungal infections
  • Glaucoma screening, cataract assessment
  • Diabetic retinopathy screening, hypertensive retinopathy screening
  • Pediatric eye diseases diagnosis and management
  • Refractive error detection and corrections
  • Management of Conjunctival and corneal degenerations
  • Carry out Minor surgical procedures like chalazeons incision and drainage