1. NBE accredited 3 year Family Medicine DNB course with 2 seats per year and 100% pass rate.
  2. This hospital which offers primary and secondary medical care, completely free of cost is the first point of contact for villagers from three mandals of Sri Sathya Sai taluka with a population of 2.5 lakhs.
  3. Wide exposure for resident students in  managing a plethora  of medical, surgical and pediatric  cases in OPD, 24 hour emergency and wards.
  4.  Opportunity to participate in health awareness programs for the rural masses and field posting in Sri Sathya Sai Mobile Hospital.
  5. Teaching and training provided also by the overseas visiting faculty in Internal medicine, ENT, Dermatology, psychiatry, Gastroenterology and Geriatric Medicine.
  6. Shaping DNB residents into competent, confident and compassionate doctors through extensive training, teaching and hands on experience, gained by serving the economically weaker section of the society.
  7. Imparting not only post graduate education, but also creating an ideal platform to  manifest inherent human values in accordance with Sai Ideal Health Care, the core philosophy of Sri Sathya Sai hospitals.

Apart from the rich clinical experience, we feel the main take-out for students of DNB Family Medicine is to become SERVING HANDS and PRAYING HEARTS.

Teaching Facilities

  • Regular classes and seminars
  • Bedside teaching
  • Continuing medical education programs by specialists of international repute, both home and abroad
  • Education by video conferencing conducted by the faculty
  • State of the art seminar hall for conducting various academic sessions
  • Skype conferencing with visiting faculty